12000 Panel Experimenting

Comments 02019-10-13

This is a few experimental panels I drew for Twelve Thousand, back when it was going to be a Homestuck-like forum adventure webcomic. I wanted something I could draw somewhat quickly and repeatedly, to prevent burning myself out.

This style is similar to the art I did for Existesen a while back. Though I do not want to make the comparison so as to avoid, well, it being compared to it; the style was based somewhat on Homestuck's hero mode. I'm fond of the idea of making the backgrounds simple, but I think the characters suffer for it.

By contrast, I wanted to make segments in The Tower be more detailed or painted. I don't think it went as planned here, however. The background has a cheap texture and Inu's values are a scruffy mess.

Sometimes taller panels might have been useful for certain scenes.

Much later on I took another shot at a style, this time drawing a scene from the very beginning of the story. I love how these two look a lot, especially the lighting and mood at the desk. The lines may be a little dense, the background out of focus, and the anatomy could be wonky - I had to fix his neck and it still looks too long - but I think it carries the right idea.