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  • Unless otherwise stated, all creations on this website remain the sole property of myself, Aether.
  • Any artwork produced for others — be it gift art or commission work — may be used in certain circumstances agreed upon between involved parties.
  • If the "content" does not involve yourself or mention usage and credit, you do not get to use it.
  • Nothing may be monetised in any form (crypto or real money) unless previously agreed upon.

General Guidelines

All artwork, writing, blog posts, code, or the like on this website are the property of myself, Aether. Unless otherwise stated, you are not allowed to:

  • Post or reupload artwork or content to other websites or services, most notably e621, other image booru software, or Furaffinity.
  • Modify artwork or content, including "shallow" edits like cropping or re-framing where the generally perceived nature of the image is unmodified.
  • Use any artwork as avatars or other profile imagery on social media services.
  • Use any artwork or content in commercial works or derivative work for commercial gain. This includes embedded into software, video games, used in NFT/crypto/blockchain technology, and AI image generation.

The following sections cover exemptions and variations on these guidelines.

Code and Resources

All code and game development assets posted about in blog posts remain the property of myself, and are not provided for public use. Code I have posted about on its own page or with demo downloads may be used with the following guidelines:

  • Please give credit for use of my code or assets, be it in end credits or a readme file as Aether or Aether Taylor.
  • I allow modification of code or development assets only within the context of your own game software. This does not include posting or uploading the modified code or assets outside of software.
  • I do not allow the use of game assets in non-game software or non-software uploading. This includes the use of assets as avatars or profile imagery on social media services.
  • I do not allow the use of assets in game software sold for commercial gain, except if previously agreed upon.


Any fanart on this site that is not associated with other parties is open for use as avatars or profile imagery, while remaining the property of myself. Fanart is any art of public domain, mainstream, or big publisher intellectual property/characters using the fanart tag. If it does not have the fanart tag, even if it looks like fanart, it's not open for use.

This covers the following:

  • I allow the use of fanart as avatars or other user profile imagery on social media, including the modification of (cropping or other "shallow" edits).
  • It does not allow heavy editing (generally any changes to the lineart) or posting/uploading outside of avatar/profile context, as with broader guidelines.
  • It does not allow the use of fanart as video game assets.

The only thing I ask when using fanart as an avatar is to be credited in your profile description by linking to my own account on whichever involved domain or other applicable service.

Commissions and Gift Art

Commissions and giftart remain the property of myself, Aether. Artwork produced for other people may only be used by those people unless explicitly agreed upon by involved parties (the clients and myself).

This covers the following:

  • I retain exclusive right to post and upload commissions and giftart. I do not allow the reuploading of such artwork, including by clients, unless previously agreed upon.
  • I allow the use of commissions and giftart by involved parties as avatars/profile images, as long as above credit is given within a profile description or other applicable location.
  • I do not allow the modification of commissions and giftart, including by involved parties.
  • I do not give permission for commission artwork to be used in commercial works or derivative work for commercial gain, unless the artwork was produced with that agreed upon ahead of time.

NFTs, Crypto, and AI


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All content on this site is produced by myself, unless mentioned otherwise.

Subjects of gift-art, fan-art or commissions remain the property of specified creators, and may only be used by commissioned parties in contexts agreed to. Additionally, I do not give permission for my artwork to be rehosted on boorus, e621/etc, nor to be used to train AI datasets.