Maid Marian

What if Maid Marian as a persona?

I tried incorporating elements of Maid Marian’s older representation (stronger energy, page disguise), possible role in May Day celebrations (springtime, flower bud, sunlight on feather), and possible connections to the Virgin Mary (shawl)... and fox.

When I got to doing the legs, I got the idea of… what if I left them out, which was kind of a hard decision to make. The goal was to reduce the human-ness to the design (along with the obscured face), as well as be more overt with any imagery. It also may connect to the character who may use her as a persona, as said character has robotic legs.

The only thing I’m not so happy about is the falling blossoms/petals, as they feel haphazardly placed, or possibly the way the flower dress flows, but that’s more regarding the composition than the design.