My RPG: Watashi no RPG!! is a “meta-punk” RPG made in RPG Maker 2000. It was initially started in 2017 as something of a self-imposed challenge to stop getting caught up in the enamour of engine programming, as well as to create a game which grows more "competently made" as you play it.

Ironically, it’s that increasing in competence that has head to some fancy Event systems being made and slowing down some development... but it could be worse.

Also, as can be readily seen, it has one of the most SEO-unfriendly titles ever, next to the likes of OFF. If you so wish, you can call it just Watashi no RPG!!.

My RPG!! is the story of Robin going on an adventure to various different themed locales. Follow her into the outside world and meet the other protagonists on her journey. What is there to lose?

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Witness to Unity is a soft sci-fi/fantasy RPG made in RPG Maker XP, and I have have been slowly chipping away at in the future hopes of release for years.

It has changed greatly over the course of its life, originally being a project I started as a teenager around 2007. Attempts would be made again around 2014-16, where I'd change to RPG Maker VXAce due to improvements to performance and certain behaviours. Unfortunately VXAce’s map/tile engine is bloody awful. Even with the knowledge to work around it, it was simply too unpleasant to put in the extra work for what would be the majority of the game’s development after mostly finishing the system programming.

So I restarted work back in RMXP, now with the knowledge on how to overcome its own shortcomings. I also moved the runtime to my own fork of MKXP-Z, enabling further refinements to XP's aging engine.

Witness to Unity stars Ivan Flint, a young man living in the world of Allan. He is awoken in the night to a large explosion on the outskirts of his home city, which against his better judgement he goes to investigate. He discovers a large hole, and promptly falls into it. He wakes up in a strange alien world, and amidst panic, comes to meet Arin, a small dragon creature who offers to help him find his way back home. Along with Metia Aucamin, the three go on to visit different worlds, and slowly learn of a great threat that could cause the end of each of their homes.

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