"I think some people are just in need of guidance and direction. It's not that they're choosing to ignore what's going on, it's that they really have no idea where to look. I wish I could point everyone in the right direction like a shining Star... but I don't think I have any sort of leadership qualities. All I'm capable of is telling close friends what I believe, and then I'll disappear like everyone else..."

This is a picture that has been a long time coming. (THE SIGNATURE SAYS 27/3/14...) I forgot about it, neglected to work on it, all sorts of things. I'm rather happy with the end result though, I feel like often I end up drawing heads too big to create a serious feeling character — one that looks mature and composed instead of big-eyed and wild.

The shadows were difficult and time-consuming. In some areas I like the result — the sharp spikes make the clothes seem to have a bit more weight — but I'm not confident that they're... perfect. Or maybe I shouldn't think like that, they'll never be perfect. Shadows are harrrrd.