Joram Terah

General Info Appears inTwo Halves Age29 GenderMale SpeciesHuman WeaponOne-Handed Sword PersonaOrpheus Characterisation ArcanaV - The Maestro


— Joram's response to most things

Joram Terah is a Social Link character from Two Halves, found by Denzil McGregor and the party alone in the lower levels of an underground prison, becoming something of a mentor to them.


Joram is quiet and observant, not liking to stand out or put too much effort into anything he does. If asked to do anything strenuous, he'll be snarky and callous about it, though eventually concede. In part this is due to his imprisonment, but one cannot help but wonder if other experiences made him this way.

He treats relationships extremely transactionally — he only finds worth in friendships he can get something out of, and will drop someone from his sphere if he finds another person that serves his needs better.

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