Squeak Adventure Concepts

The previous two posts are characters I thought up that would perhaps appear in an inflatables-themed forum adventure. The characters, despite their synthetic nature, live in a medieval fantasy world, living off the land and worshipping their emperor whom keeps the magic of the world working.

This is not the same idea as ~/shell, as that's more inspired by inflatable characters and is science fiction from the start.

Naturally there's more to this idea, of course. I never make normal fantasy stories without some weird element. In case you didn't catch the obtuse imagery, both images linked above and their descriptions are making nods to theoretical physics. The second one in particular has Schroedinger's Cat in the background.

The first idea is that life is cyclic, in some fashion. A character's soul is presented through energy/butterfly entities that can be contained so long as their body isn't damaged. How characters are born/reborn, and if they can die from "old age", I never really worked out.

This is the aforementioned emperor. It's believed they've been ruling for thousands of years, keeping the functions of the world like the day-night cycle in check. They're apathetic about their role, as after so long, day after day, things become rather repetitive, predictable, and monotonous.

A later idea I formed is that the main character serves the emperor. They're tasked with going after criminals and potential threats to royalty, and killing them. Naturally for inflatable toys, this is... explosive.

Like the inflatables' life force; their magic is cyclic, and follows the law of conservation of energy. In this example, we have a character using a magic staff to shoot fire. This energy can be restored by draining it from the ashes and heat that would be produced as a result.

Oh, that's a familiar design. I wonder what it's doing here. ... perhaps it's some form of enlightened mind that has ulterior motives for the inflatables...?

... what? What do you mean I can't be playful and obtuse in these concept posts?