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On Joram

Joram Terah is the name I’ve used in numerous RPGs since playing Shin Megami Tensei IV. The name has something of an ironic bend to it in the context of SMT — Joram comes from Yehoram, and means "exalted by Yahweh". Terah has less a fanciful meaning, but my reading of its pronunciation makes it seem like "terror". Despite the biblical significance, I interpret that Joram has a penchant for defying the gods more often than not.

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Two Halves Development Sketches

I've been kind of pondering another game idea (yes, I know) with a friend. I then have ended up drawing just excessive amounts of concepts for it. This is my best effort to organise it all in one place as of this date. For the sake of providing some context and clarity, I've included some notes on the characters or design choices.

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