General Info Appears inMy RPG!! AgeUnknown GenderTransgirl SpeciesHuman WeaponMagician's Staff AffinityFlame Characterisation ArcanaI - The Magician Dialogue Styleall lowercase, rarely uses exclamations.

Valentina is one of the main party members of My RPG: Watashi no RPG!!, and the first other protagonist Robin meets before her adventure begins.


Valentina is initially coy about the wider world towards Robin. Not out of malice, but rather she thought she was being playful or possibly even empowering, underestimating how out of the loop Robin really was.

This playfulness in part comes from a need for freedom and agency after her previous experiences. In more public circumstances she is reserved and stays away from everyone else. She fears harm coming to her and does her best to avoid being loudly emotional to not stand out around NPCs.


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Around three months before the beginning of the story, Valentina was invited out to the edge of her world by her girlfriend Alice. While there they discussed the nature of their wider universe and enjoyed one-another's company.

They are interrupted by Valentina's uncle, who takes onus with her being far out of the way from their home town, and possibly for hanging out with another protagonist. The uncle and Alice end up in an argument, ending with Alice being pushed into the Nothingness.

Valentina is aghast at her uncle's behaviour, and flees her world. She crosses through a few neighbouring worlds, until she arrives in the tiny residence of Robin's known simply as HomeTown. She finds amusement and curiosity in Robin's cyclic daily ritual, and nudges her towards embracing her true calling.


Like Robin, Valentina is based on a design by Japanese artist Rcolo.

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