Jirbyth ei Kalith

General Info Appears inDisarrayed Unity Age16 GenderAgender (she/her) SpeciesRimanat Home WorldAllan WeaponPistol AffinityHealing

Believe, and you'll go far?! What if believing is the reason we aren't?!

— Jirbyth, to Rayth

Jirbyth ei Kalith is the main protagonist of Disarrayed Unity.

Like with all Rimanats, the "ei Kalith" of her name refers to her parent, Kalith ei Hanisth, and thus she is not "Ms. Kalith", but rather "Jirbyth, born of Kalith".


Initially, Jirbyth was rather quiet and at times meek. She preferred to quietly fish alone than engage in village rituals, and would only express more confidence or a louder voice when with her sister Kaeo, despite Kaeo's equally quiet demeanour.

She was never too trusting of humans that she didn't grow up with, however when Kaeo is murdered, she becomes extremely sour towards them — Kaeo's last words leaving her a person regularly on edge and antagonistic to anyone she's not deeply familiar with.


One day Kaeo comes down sick, and Jirbyth sees to taking care of her seemingly delirious sister. During their time alone, Kaeo confides with Jirbyth about strange things she once heard in the human city. She told Jirbyth that she feared the humans at large knew something about their world they weren't telling the rimanats, but Jirbyth is dismissive.

Their conversation would be cut short by a human barging into their home and shooting Kaeo on the spot. Jirbyth, briefly stunned, goes to attack the assailant, but is attacked with a knife. Before she can be put down next, an unknown figure attacks the human back, and sends him tumbling from the premises.

When Jirbyth comes to, she discovers her sibling and parent grieving over their lost family, and Jirbyth is nursing a wounded eye. When she learns what has happened to her sister, she tries to immediately pursue the human, but forcefully held back.

After some formalities amongst the village, and some nudging by the chieftain Enedth ei Luneth, Jirbyth would make for human civilisation in pursuit of her sister's killer, and to find out more about whatever had her so rattled.


Jirbyth was, in days gone past, my first fursona. The less said about that, the better. However it does mean that as a character of the old-guard, she has gone through the most evolution of all of my characters, even if we discount the parts that would go on to become other characters.