World Feeder

General Info Appears inUnityverse AgeUnknown BirthdateUnknown, 5600s GenderN/A Home WorldEarth

The World Feeder is the main antagonistic force in the Unityverse and the final boss of Witness to Unity. The World Feeder is an ambiguous mass of flesh about 600km in diameter resting on the surface of a ruined Earth locked in time.


It has massive tendril-like vessels that stretch across the landscape and into the sky, which then vanish into wormholes, connecting to various planetary bodies. While these vessels are what serve as a means of inter-world travel for the protagonists, the main function of them is to allow the Feeder to observe the locals of that world.


The Feeder cannot be said to have a personality, it is more of a force reacting negatively to unity and camaraderie.


The World Feeder has the power of Unity. However in the Feeder's case, it is a defiled application of it. Its sheer size twisted this power and entwined it with the central collective will across the universe. This enables it to guide the world lines of particular worlds and people towards its desired ends, or away from futures that would threaten its existence.

The over-abundance of subconscious thoughts and feelings from the local universe causes it stress, and it responds through linking to worlds and sending The Parasite spawns to spread across said worlds. The Parasite acts as a form of external immune system response as the Feeder tries to maintain its own personal will.