Eindré Atsuki

General Info Appears inTraveller
Exitesen of Unity
Age42 Birthdate2019-07-14 GenderMale SpeciesHuman Home WorldEarth

Eindré Atsuki (亜月あつき アンドレ) is a major character in the Unityverse, serving as deuteragonist to Traveller Mk. 2 in Traveller, and mentioned in Exitesen of Unity. He is the father of Mea Atsuki.


Initially, Eindré is a confident and proud individual. While not to the point of boasting about his work, he would let things get to his head if someone were to appeal to his unique knowledge-base. Over years of lack of progress with the Traveller amidst the spread of The Ripple, he would become disillusioned with what he can do.

By the time Traveller is able to think for himself, Eindré comes off as tired, pessimistic, and defeated. His desire for Traveller to fulfil his supposed destiny coming from desperation than true passion.


Along with Kazuki Yoshito, Eindré was assigned by the United Nations to head the Traveller Project to combat The Ripple, because of their joint research. It was believed by many around him that his domains would give him perspective to rescuing lost loved ones across vast reaches of spacetime.

After Kazuki develops the Traveller Mk. 1 and is himself is vanished by The Ripple, Eindré would progressively move to work 24/7 at the Traveller Laboratory and serve as its sole project lead. This puts a strain on his relationship with his daughter Mea and sister Sadie, who serves as Mea's guardian after her mother too vanished.

In some regards, the Traveller becomes a replacement child to Eindré. However this relationship too is strained, as Traveller sees Eindré as an otherworldly guide that swings between fatherly and controlling. Their relationship remains fraught up until they split — Traveller to begin travelling, and Eindré to The Ripple — only really able to hope they achieve some part of their goals.