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Witness to Unity

You who broke free from your world line, I grant you the power to forge unity.

- Unknown Voice

Unity is a power in the Unityverse, featured most prominently in Witness to Unity.


Unity is a power to, as its name states, bring about unity between people. The power is something of a subconscious psychic connection that causes the sharing of emotion and mindset, which is used to mediate between parties. Related to this is those around the user can understand any (complex) language, serving as a translator.

On a meta-level, the language is translated for the sake of the player or other observer, but in-universe the language being spoken is not strictly being audibly changed, instead just being made understood by the receiver. This is impossible to represent without translating, of course. When it comes to written text, it requires someone present that can natively read the language to allow the words to be "translated", as there is no conscious mind to link with like with spoken words.

There are two key forms of Unity:

  • Host Unity is the power as it exists in native users. It grants the translation of languages within range of the user, and can elevate their intelligence when around other Hosts.
  • Client Unity is the power when "bonding" with a host. This version unbounds the receiver from their original world line, and entangles it instead with the host's.

Due to its size, the Feeder receives an over-abundance of subconscious thoughts and feelings from the intelligent life in the local universe. In turn, it has become intertwined with the collective world lines, influencing people back. It does this largely to prevent anything that may threaten it, only physically reacting in key situations.

Known Users

SPOILER WARNING: This section contains spoilers for story stuff not yet available in media form, but I have done my best to mitigate too revealing stuff.