Ivan Flint

General Info Appears inWitness to Unity Age19 GenderMale SpeciesHuman Home WorldAllan WeaponDagger, One-Handed Sword AffinityAqua Characterisation Enneagram6 - The Loyalist
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Ivan Flint is one of the main protagonists of Witness to Unity, alongside Arin and Metia Aucamin. While not exactly the party leader, he is the one often to direct the party to where they should next go.


Ivan is somewhat erratic and unfocused, but is fascinated by exploring new worlds and having new experiences. He has moments where he lets his home world's morals conflict with others, but does understand he must expand his mindset.


Ivan lives in outskirts Harman City with his single mother, Maria Flint. His curiosity gets the better of him one night when he witnesses a Feeder Tunnel being blasted open, and ends up in Forseta, meets Arin, and kicks off the party's journey.