General Info Appears inWitness to Unity Age10 GenderMale SpeciesDragonian Home WorldForseta WeaponDagger, Blunt Objects AffinityFlame, Absolute Characterisation Enneagram4 - The Individualist

Arin is one of the main protagonists of Witness to Unity, alongside Ivan Flint and Metia Aucamin. He is central to the overall plot, with much of the mysteries coming back to his abilities and nature.


Arin is filled with a childlike innocence that's balanced against his position as a wild animal. He sees survival-of-the-fittest as the normal state of the world with all the glee of a kid playing with toys, but travelling with the party he grows to appreciate the idea of working with others.

Despite his apparent position as a child, there are times where Arin shows an intelligence and wisdom beyond his own. He's not unaware of it, but he doesn't seem to register it as unusual until the party explains it. While he wishes to learn more about this intelligence, he is also afraid of what it means for his normal state of being.


Arin has the power of Unity, a subconscious connection that causes the sharing of emotion and mindset — which can be used to mediate between parties, though Arin himself is hardly such a mediator.