Baldeur Rodica

General Info Appears inWitness to Unity Age29 GenderMale SpeciesNuish Home WorldNuish World WeaponFirearm AffinityAilment Characterisation Enneagram3 - The Achiever

The means of production is other people. I'm simply making use of what talents I have for the good of everyone.

— Baldeur Rodica

Baldeur Rodica is a Unity Link character in Witness to Unity. He is the inheritor of a family company that controls numerous region-wide production facilities and oversees small businesses, including employing Metia Aucamin directly.


Baldeur is a selfish, egocentric businessman who, while he understands that his world has problems and is possibly in a position to solve them, has no interest in doing so out of purely selfless ends, and would rather gain something from it personally in turn.

However he also has a strong insight into the information and economic flow of his world, and is able to covertly deal with people and businesses that could cause widespread instability by exposing their faults to their enemies. Whether this is for his own sake or the world is another question.


When Baldeur learns about the "Great Elsewhere" — as Metia describes it — a possibly edgeless expanse of space and resources, he sees it as the perfect way to resolve the Nuish World's issues with those very limitations.

However instead of sharing this information with others, he wants to create a system where he is in control of the resources and to sell it onto other businesses. The arrival of Ivan and Arin only empower this plan of his further, with him pushing the two on to help Metia as they go about their adventure.