Tyr ei Hymirth

General Info Appears inWitness to Unity Age25 GenderAgender (they/them) SpeciesRimanat Home WorldAllan WeaponDagger, Pistol AffinityLuna Characterisation Enneagram8 - The Challenger

Tyr ei Hymirth is a Unity Link character from Witness to Unity, frequently seen together with the Traveller Mk. 2.

Like with all Rimanats, the "ei Hymirth" of their name refers to their parent, and thus they are not "Mx. Hymirth", but rather "Tyr, born of Hymirth".


Tyr is methodical and introspective, something of a parallel to Metia, but is a lot less inclined to reveal information. They would rather be left alone to work than involve themselves with others.

Their outward perspective on the world around them can make them come off as emotionless and calculating, but in truth they are desperate to combat the World Feeder, and they want to do whatever is best to save their world.


SPOILER WARNING: This section contains spoilers for story stuff not yet available in media form, but I have done my best to mitigate too revealing stuff.

Tyr was initially working in the human capital for a strange scientist who seemed to hold no qualms about hiring a rimanat, something considered strange and suspicious by the population. During their time at this human's residence, Tyr comes to learn about the World Feeder and become increasingly afraid of his flatmate.

Thankfully for Tyr, the Traveller world warp in to the pair, drawn to their investigation. Tyr uses this moment to escape with him.

Tyr would continue to research the Feeder in private away from human society. On the night the story begins Tyr investigates the tunnels underneath the North Structure, and comes upon a strange terminal. When attempting to activate it, a Feeder Tunnel is blasted open in the vicinity. This also dismembers Tyr, losing an arm. They build themselves a new robotic arm, using some of the technology they were investigating.