Metia Aucamin

General Info Appears inWitness to Unity
Exitesen of Unity
Age27* / 28* GenderMale SpeciesNuish Home WorldNuish World WeaponPistol, Firearm AffinityAero Characterisation Enneagram5 - The Investigator

Metia Aucamin is one of the main protagonists of Witness to Unity, alongside Ivan Flint and Arin, as well as a secondary protagonist in Exitesen of Unity.

He works for Baldeur Rodica, contracted to build weapons or other gadgets for his clients, though he has his own hobbyist firearm projects on the side. His relationship with his boss differs between appearances, along with how he himself has grown.


Metia is analytical and inquisitive, interested in the workings of people, things, and having an inclination to take them (both) apart to see what makes them tick. However he doesn't know how to handle conflict of interest or opinion, and will either put aside his own interests to please someone else (like Baldeur), or retreat into his workshop in the hopes the problem will go away.


About a week before the beginning of the story, Metia happens upon a sealed storehouse with a Feeder Tunnel opened within it. He carefully ventures down into it, winding up in another world. As a nuish growing up in the Nuish World, he had no concept of "other worlds" until that point.

He comes to call this space of cosmos the "Great Elsewhere".

Once he manages to return to his home, he explains to his boss Baldeur about the possibilities of his discovery. Baldeur pushes Metia to do the work of investigation for him.

When Ivan and Arin emerge in Nuish World and run into Metia, he is further surprised by the nature of the Great Elsewhere, and asks their help in finding out more about the cosmos. Baldeur meanwhile only cares that this does not interfere with any investment potential, and asks that Ivan and Arin help Metia with what he was already assigned to do.


Metia's jacket is inspired by Yoh's from Shaman King. Look, that doesn't have any relevance to anything else about him, I'm just saying. He's another one of my extremely old OCs, up there with Jirbyth ei Kalith.