Mea Atsuki

General Info Appears inExitesen of Unity Age19 Birthdate2051-07-14 GenderFemale SpeciesHuman Home WorldEarth WeaponFist AffinityGaia
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Mea Atsuki (亜月あつき ミー) is one of the protagonists of Exitesen of Unity. She is the daughter of Eindré Atsuki.


Despite being something of a fish-out-of-water, Mea doesn't let her unfamiliar environs hold her back. She is snarky, self-righteous, and amuses herself with metafictional jokes as she looks upon her adventures as something out of science fiction.

Mea was raised by her aunt Sadie after her mother was taken by The Ripple and her father started spending all his time at work. She holds a lot of contempt towards her father for choosing "saving the world" over his family, not in the least helped by Sadie pushing the impression of a neglectful father onto her.